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Directory Cozumel is mobile friendly web directory created to help users locate business and services in the area quickly and easily. Users can choose to search Directory Cozumel for their favorite businesses by searching the directory by business NAME or business CATEGORY. Once the user submits their search request the application will return a list of businesses matching the users request. The user can then select which business it would like to review detailed information about by clicking on the button displaying the business name which will return a complete business listing displaying name, rating, address, phone number, website, location map, and any related images or reviews left by other users. Users can also add their own reviews, and images or flag or suggest edits for existing business listings. Below the search menu users can add new business to the directory by pressing the add new business button. All user supplied data is sent to an admin entry database for review and verification before being add to the directory. The application includes a built-in admin page which displays entries for all user initiated records. From the Admin panels an administrator can approve and decline these entries, search and view entry records, initiate google maps creation for specified listings, add, create and delete administrators, and database records.

Directory Cozumel User Interface 1

Directory Cozumel Admin Interface 2

Directory Cozumel Admin Interface 2

  • Project Type: Full Stack Js FrontEnd / Rail API Web Application

  • Languages/Technologies: Javascript ES6, Ruby 2, HTML5, CSS3, Sqlite3, Rails 5, Bcrypt

  • Category:full stack web development, ruby on rails api, javascript application

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