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Morning and Evening pages is a simple application using the Sinatra framework designed to assist users in creating a morning and evening ritual of intention setting, gratitude and reflection. This application pages was designed to encourage and use by implementing a daily practice, of conscious awareness and repetition to create new neural pathways and break patterns of anxious reactivity Throughout our hasty lifestyles our attention and focus is constantly being directed from our goals and intentions as we are bombarded by the latest media driven fear and the continuous perceived threat to our survival. While technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, I believe that it can be more beneficially used to create and develop mindfulness and healthier perspectives of our world. This is a simple Sign up and/or Login to follow the easy to use menu options to create, review, edit or delete Morning and Evening pages.

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  • Project Type: Full Stack Web Application

  • Languages/Technologies: Sinatra, Ruby, CSS3, HTML5, Sqlite3, OmniAuth

  • Category: web, fullstack, application

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